Top Most Repeated Pak Study MCQs with Answers Free

Most Repeated Pak Study MCQs


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Most Repeated Pak Study MCQs

1.The largest desert of Pakistan is?

a.Chaulistan                       b.Thal

c.Thar                                    d.None

2.How many deserts are there in Pakistan?

a.4                          b.5

c.6                          d.7

3.Pakistan is located in.

a.Central Asia                    b. South West Asia

c.South East Asia              d. South Asia

4.Which pass links China and Pakistan?

a.Khyber                              b. Khunierab

c.Bolan                                 d. None

5.”Two Nation Theory” fo the firs time was introduced by.

a.Allama Iqbal                      b.Chodry Rehmat Ali

c.Nawab waqarul malk       c.Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

6.In which constitution, Islam was first declared as religion of the state.

a.1956                   b.1973

c.1968                   d.1962

  1. Which of the following is called Switzerland of Pakistan?

a.Islamabad                        b.Abotabad

c.Kaghan Velly                   d. Swat

8.The first census of Pakistan took place in.

a.1948                   b.1951

c.1972                   d.1961

Second 1961

Third 1972

forth 1981

fifth 1998

sixth 2017

9.Which regiment of Pakistan Army has received maximum numbers of “Nishan e Haider”?

a.Baloch Regiment

b.Sindh Regiment

c.Punjab Regiment

d.Frontier Force Regiment

10.Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar is burried at:

a.Delhi                                  b. Aligarh

c.Bait ul Muqadis             c. Jhelum

11.Chaudry Rehmat ali, who propsed the name PAKISTAN is burried in?

a.Karachi                              b.London

c.Oxford                              d. Cambridge

12.How many times, Pakistan became Olympic Champion in Hockey:

a.Two                    b. Three

c.Four                   d. Five

13.Faisalabad is famous for:

a.Cotton fiber                    b. Poly fiber

c.Paper                                 d. Textile

14.Nanga Parbat is located in:

a.Chitral                               b. Gilgit

c.Azad Kashimr                   d. Non of these

15.Which neighboring country of Pakistan is a land locked country?

a.Afghanistan                    b. China

c.India                                   d. Iran

16.In which river of Pakistan are the endangered species blind dolphins found?

a.River Indus                     b. River Ravi

c.River jehlum                   d. River Kabul

17.The line of control came into existane:

a.1949                   b.1957

c.1971                   d.1972

18.How many Round Table Conferences were attended by Allama Iqbal?

a.1                          b. 2

c.3 (Total conference)

19.Who was the first Pakistan boxer to win WBC (World Boxing Council) silver flyweight championship in 2016?

a.Amir Khan

b.Muhammad Waseem

c.Imran Khan

d.Abrar Hussain

20.Pak won how many Gold medals in 2010 games in India?

Total 5 Medals: 2 Gold, 1 Silvder, 2 Bronze


21.Quid e Azam presented his 14 points in:

March 1929

22.How many time Pak has became Olympic champion.

3 Times: 1960  1968  1984

23.Imran Khan is PM of Pakistan’s

22nd of PM of Pakistan

24.President elected by:

All Assembles, Senate

25.Name of Pakistan

Ch Rehmat Ali (1933)

26.Largest Barrage of Pakistan

Sukkur Barrage

27.Urdu is a word of:

a.English              b. Turkish

c.Persian              d. Arabic

28.Name the crop sown on the largest area of Pakistan.

a.Rice                    b. Sugar cane

c.cotton               d. Wheat

  1. How many districts are there in PAKISTAN?

132 Districts

Balochistan : 7 divisions 33 districts

Punjab: 9 divisions 36 districts

Sindh: 6 Divisions 29 districts

KPK : 7 division 34 districts

AJK: 3 Division

30.The Second highest peak (mountain) of pakistan?

Nanga Parbat (in dianmir)

31.Coldest place of Pakistan


32.Shrin of Abdullah Shah Ghazi?


33.Pakistan Naval Academy situated at?

Karachi, Monora

34.Kaleiji, Kadharo and Khenjar Lake located in?



35.Pakistan standard time was suggested by?

Professor Muhammad Anwar

36.Which country assisted in the construction of Sandak Project?


37.Capital of Gilgit Baltistan


38.Pakistani Scientiest who has won NOble Prize is:

Dr. Abdul Salam

39.The largest coal reserves in Pakistan have recently been discovered in the district of.

a.Sibi                     b. Noshki

c.Noshki               d. Tharparkar

40.How many senators retire from the senate after three years?

a.Twenty                             b. Thirty

c.Half of the total            d. Twenty five

41.How many houses are there in Majlis e Shora?

a.2 (Qomi Assembly and senate)




42.Tarbela dam is the world’s largest fil-type dam and it is build over the____river:

a.River Indus                     b. Chenab River

b.Jehlum River                  d. None of these

43.Which is the permanent house of parliament?

a.National Assembly

b.Provincial Assembly


d.Supreme Court

44.National Assembly of the Parliament consist of _____ members.

a.332                     b. 342

c.252                      d. 362

45.What is the age eligibility for the membership of National Assembly?

a.25 years                            b. 30 years

c.35 years                            d. 40 years

46.By whom the provincial governor is appointed?

a.Prime Minister              b. Chief Minister

c.President                         d. Chief Secretary

47.In which constitution initially the country was given the name of ” Islamic Republic of Pakistan”.

a.1962                   b.1956

c.1935                   d.1975

48.The name of the lower houses of the parliament of Pakistan.

a National Assembly


c.Provincial Assembly

d.Cabinet Division

49.The name of the Upper houses of the parliament of Pakistan.

a National Assembly


c.Provincial Assembly

d.Cabinet Division

50.Second largest city of Pakistan

a.Multan              b. Lahore

c.Karachi              d. Peshawar

3rd Largest City: Faisalabad

4th Largest City: Rawalpindi

51.How many times Pakistan became member of UNO (United Nation) organizaiton.

a.5                          b.7

c.8                          d.10

52.When Pakistan officially joined the United Nations (UN).

a.30 Sept 1947                   b.30 Sept 1948

c.30 Sept 1949                   d. None of these

53.Neelum Valley is in:




d.Azad Jammu and Kashmir (J&K)

54.The longest river of Balochistan is:

a.Dash                  b. Zhob

c.Rakhshan         d. Hingol

55.What is the old name of Zhob (Balochistan)

a.Fort Sandman                b. Fort Munro

c.Montgomery                  d. Saiwan Kot

56.The Quid e Azam’s fourteen points were issued in response to:

a.3rd June plan

b.Nehru Report

c.Minto Morley r

d.None of these

57.Lahore Resolution, adopted on 23 March 1940 was present by:

a.Liaq Ali Khan

b.Quad e Azam

c.A.K Fazal ul Haq

58.Qadians were declared as Non-Muslim in 1974 during the government of:

a.Ayub Khan                      b. Yahya Khan

c.Z.A Bhuto                         d. Zia ul Haq

59.Which are Pakistan major seasons for agriculture crop:

a.Kharif and Baani            b. Barani and Rabi

c.Kharif and Rabi              d. Kharif, Rabi, Barani

60.The day is celebrated for Air Force of Pakistan.

a.September 7                b. September 8

c.August 13                         d. None of these


Defense Day      =             September 6

Air Force Day     =             September 7

Navy Day             =             September 8

62.Mohanjo Daro is in?

a.KPK                    b. Punjab

c.Sindh                 d. Balochistan

63.Mohenjo Daro means?

Mound of the Dead Men

64.Who discovered mohejo daro?


65.Who elects the president according to 1973 constitution?

a.Provincial Assemblies


c.National Assembly

d.All of them

66.PAF College is located in?

a.Multan              b. Islamabad

c.Sargodha          d. Gujranwala

67.K-2 is also called:

a.Godwin Austen            b. Tirch Mir

c.Killing mountain            d. Broad peak

68.In MS Word _____allows you to display hidden formatting characters:

a.Show/Hide                     b. Display

c.Formatting Charactr    d. Display character

69.Diamer-Bhasha Dam has been planned on the river

a.Jehlum                              b. Chenab

c.Indus                                 d. None of these

70.Hajj scam 2010 struck a blow to:

a.Fazal ur Rehman

b.Azam Swati, Hamid Saeeed Kazmi

c.Ishaq Dar


71.Who was the special representative of USA for Afghanistan and Pakistan affiars?

a.Richard Halbrooke

b.Joan Alizbeth

c.Gen Mc Arthur

d.None of these

72.AFPAK Policy was announced in:

a.2008                   b.2009

c.2007                   d.2006

73.Mirani dam exist in:

a.Sindh                 b. Balochistan

c.Punjab              d. KPK

74.Pakistan has become non permanent member of Security Council for:

a.Five times        b. Two times

c.Six Times          d. Seven Times

75.Karachi remained capital city of Pakistan from___ to____

a.1947 to 1950                   b. 1947 to 1959

c.1947 to 1952                    d. none of these

Islamabad became the capital in 1960

76.Largest fort of Pakistan:

a.Rotas Fort                        b. Rani Fort

c.Akbar Fort                       d. Jahangir Fort

77.In Pakistan’s Flag the green portion, white crescent and star represent:

a.Muslim Population


c.Both a & B

d.None of these

78.Which pass connects Pakistan with Afghanistan:

a.Khunjerab Pass

b.Khyber Pass

c.Tochi Pass

d.None of these

79.Balochistan Province is located in the ___ corner of Pakistan:





80.When Balochistan became the province:

1 July 1970

81.Second largest desert of Pakistan:

Kharan (Balochistan)

82.From which country Pakistan purchase Gwadar?

a.Kuwat                               b. Iran

c.Muscat                              d. All of the above

83.Balochistan is the first major supplier of ______ in Pakistan

a.Copper                             b. Gold

c.Coal                                    d. Natural Gas

84.Balochistan is the second major supplier of ____ in Pakistan:

a.Copper                             b. Gold

c.Coal                                    d. Natural Gas

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