Most Repeated World & General Knowledge MCQs with Answers

Most Repeated World & General Knowledge MCQs

80+ Most Repeated World & General Knowledge MCQs by NTS, CTS, CTSP, PTS, OTS, FPSC, PPSC.

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Most Repeated World & General Knowledge MCQs

1.Which country is called ‘ The land of Prophets’.

a.Saudi Arabia                   b.Syria

c.Palestine                         d. Iraq

2.The dates on which day and nights are equal are.

a.21st March and 24th December

b.14the January and 23rd September

c.21 march and 23rd September

d.14th January and 22nd June

3.The Largest mountain in the world?

Mountain Everest

4.Mountain Everest is located in which country?

Mahalangur Himalayas, Nepal

5.The Second largest mountain in the world is?


6.K2 is also known as:

Savage Mountain

7.K2 Mountain is Located in?

Pak China Border, Gilgit Baltistan

8.The longest mountain range in the world “Andes” is in?

a.South America

b.North America



9.Temperature is measured using a:

a.Sailnoeter                        b. Stethoscope

c.Thermometer                d. Stereoscope

10.”Formosa” is the old name of

a.Taiwan              b. Mongolia

c.Thailand            d. Japan

11.Name the pact in which the Muslims and Hindus of British India agreed for separate electorates:

a.Congress-league pack

b.Reforms act

c.Dehli Pack

d.Lucknow pact

12.The noble prize for peace is given in the city of:





13.Which gas was commonly used in airships?

a.Nitrogen                          b. Helium

c.Hydrogen                         d. Hydrogen sulphide

14.Solar eclipse (Sooraj Girhan) occurs when:

a.Earth comes between sun and moon

b.Moon is at right angle to the earth

c.Moon comes between sun and earth

d.Sun comes between moon and Earth

15.The lens in the human eye is:

a.convex Lens                   b. Concave Lens

c.Piano Concave lens      d. None

16.Which is the capital city of canada?

a.Toronto                            b.  Ottawa

c.Vancouver                       d. Regina

17.The lady Finger Peak is located in

a.Nepal                                b. China

c.Pakistan                           d. India

18.The Blue Mosque or the ” Mosque of Sultan Adman” is located in :

a.Tehran                              b. Instabul

c.Jeddah                              d. Cairo

19.The biggest land lock country (Place without water) of world:

a.India                                  b. China

c.Kazakhstan                      c. None

20.How many landlocked countries are there in the world?

a.44                        b.49

c.54                        c.59

21.What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

a.Bishkek                             b. Almaty

c.Taskent                             d. Astana

22.Morocco and Spain are separated by:

a.Palk Strait                        b. Strait of Gibraltar

c.Red Sea                            d. River Danube

23.How many member are in SAARC?

a.7                          b.8

c.9                          d.10

24.Full form of SAARC?

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

25.Where the headquarter of SAARC located?

Kathmandu Capital of Nepal

26.SAARC established in?

Dhaka Bangladesh (8 December 1985

27.FIR stands for:

a.First Investigation Report

b.First Information Report

c.First Information Record

d.First Informers Report

28.The mausoleum (Maqbra) of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti is located in:

a.Ajmer (India)                 b. Baghdad

c.Multan                              d. Pakpattan

29.Who was the last ruler of the Lodhi Dynasty (Badshahat) in the sub-continent?

a.Ibrahim Lodhi

b.Bahalol Lodhi

c.Sikandar Lodhi

d.Alaudin Lodhi

30.Which one of the following Muslim leader was not in the favor of Two Nation Theory?

a.Allama Iqbal

b.Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

c.Qaud e Azam

d.Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

31.Which of the following is not an Olympic Sport?

a.Squash                              b. Badminton

c.Wrestling                         d. Fencing

32.Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is famous for:

a.Cooking                            b. Documentary film

c.Cricket                               d. English Writing

33.World Health Organization (WHO) headquarter is in:

a.Paris                                   b. Geneva

c.Washington                    d. Buenos Aires

34.Headquarter of the World Trad Organization (WTO) is in:

a.Geneva                            b. Zurich

c.Canton of Vaud             d. London

35.Youngest mountain range in the world:


36.Which is the smallest Sea of the world?

a.Black sea                          b. Red Sea

c.Baltic Sea                         d. None

37.Which is the largest Continent (Bare Azam) population wise?

a.Europ                                b. Australia

c.Africa                                 d. Asia (Pop; and area)

38.The headquarter of World Ban is:

a.Geneva                            b. London

c.Washington DC             d. New York

39.Which of the following planets is called evening star?

a.Mars                  b. Mercury

c.Venus                d. Jupiter

40.Which of the following is the closest planet to the sun?

a.Mars                  b. Mercury

c.Venus                d. Jupiter

41.How many planets are there in our solar system

a.3                          b.6

c.8                          d.12

42.Ascending of planets:

Sun – Mercury- Venus- Earth – Jupiter – Saturn- Uranus – Neptune

43.The longest mountain range (above the sea level) is:

a.Himalayas                        b. Kara Korum

c.Rocky mountains            d. Andes

44.World ban was established in:

a.June 1942                        b. Aug 1941

c.July 1944                          d. Dec 1947

45.The OIC (Organization of Islamic Copration) headquarter is located in:

a.Jeddah              b. Cairo

c.Riyadh               d. Kuala Lumpur

46.N.A.T.O is abbreviation of:

a.North Atlantic Treaty Organization

b.Non Aligned Treaty Organization

c.Non aligned trading organization

d.None of these

47.Which of the following is the smallest planet in our solar system

a.Venus                               b. Mercury

c.Jupiter                               Uranus

48.Who was the founder of Facebook?

a.Steve Jobs                       b. Bill gates

c.Mark Zuckerberg          d. Larry page

49.Muhammad Bin Qasim belonged to which country?

Saudi Arabia

50.Masjid Qiblatain located in?


51.Zororastrain is worship ?


52.The world largest “mammal” is.

a.Elephant                          b. Giraffe

c.Lion                                    d. Whale

53.The Suez Canal is in:

a.Nigeria                              b. Libya

c.Egypt                                 d. None

54.Which country among the following has largest army.

a.USA                    b.Rusia

c.China                 d. India

55.The river Thames is located in…

a.England            b. Scotland

c.China                 d. Iran

56.Al Azhar is the world’s oldest university located in:

a.Iraq                    b. Iran

c.Egypt                 d. None

57.The most power organ of United Nations is:

a.General Assembly

b.Security Council


d.International court of justice

58.De Jure means:

a.By right                             b. By law

c.By the way                      d.By itself

59.De facto means:

a.Actual as a fact              b. Legal

c.Defective                         d. Deficient

60.The UNO (United Nations Organization) has six principal organz:

1.The General Assembly

2.The Security Council

3.The Economic and Social Council

3.The Trusteeship Council

5.The International Court of Justice

6.The Secretariat

Headquarter of UNO are situated at:

a.New York        b. Hague

c.Geneva             d. Paris

61.Total countries in the world

a.195                     b. 200

c.105                      d. 220

62.How many members are there in UNO

a.10                        b.15

c.20                        d.25

  1. How many permanent members of UNO?

a.3                          b.5

c.7                          d.10

64.How many members are elected on every 2 years?

a.5                          b.10

c.12                        d.8

65.Deficiency of vitamin “A” causes:

a.Night blindness

b.Day blindness

c.Complete blindness

d.none of these

66.Total member of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation):

a.8                          b.10

c.12                        d.14

67.UPS is an abbreviation of:

a.A Universal pumping station

b.Universal power supply

c.Un-Interrupted Power supply

d.Un- Interruptible Power Supply

68.Vitamin C is essential for:


b.Growth & repair of tissues



69.The earth’s largest ocean is:

a.Atlantic                             b. Arctic

c.Indian                                d. Pacific

70.The earth second largest ocean is:

a.Atlantic                            b. Arctic

c.Indian                                d. Pacific

71.The earth’s smallest ocean is:

a.Atlantic                             b. Arctic

c.Indian                                d. Pacific

72.How many oceans are there in earth?

a.4                          b.5

c.6                          d.7

73.Largest city by population in the world is:

Tokyo Japan

74.The highest water-fall of the world is?

A.Angel                                b. Tugela

c.Ribbon                              d. None

75.The largest democratic country in the world is:

a.US                       b. UK

c.Canada              d. India

  1. On the map of world which country appears as long shoe?

a.Italy                   b. Malta

c.Croatia              d. Moldova

77.The Headquarters of Red Cross are in:

a.London             b. New York

c.Berlin d. Geneva

78.How many official working languages are recognized by UNO (United Nation organization)?

a.8                          b.6

c.4                          d.7

79.The founder of Wikileaks scam belongs to:

a.America            b. England

c.Australia          d. None

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